About me…

My name is Joan Soto and I am studying Rehabilitation Counseling in Central Connecticut State University. From an early age, I discovered that my vocation is to help, guide and empower people through initiatives focused to achieve a positive change in our society. As a socially responsible citizen, I recognize that it is essential be a facilitator for those who need support. For this reason, I consider that my life’s purpose is to be a counselor. My role will be to ensure the welfare and fullness of people that request support services. Therefore, I am convinced that the most important role of a rehabilitation counselor should be focused on promoting human rights, among these: the inclusion and equality. Besides, I will promote social justice to strengthening ties between the clients and their communities.

In addition, the personal characteristics that I understand will contribute to my success as a professional counselor are related to those virtues I have acquired through my evolutionary development. Among these, I can insure that I am open mind in relation to multicultural characteristics. Another skills that characterize me, is the social commitment that impulse me in the past to offer philanthropic service through different organizations, e.g. Sierra Club, National Association of Hispanic Journalist, 4-H, etc.

Among the experiences that have contributed to my personal growth, I can highlight the work of voluntary I made since 2007 in the Puerto Rican Association for Family Welfare (ProFamilia). Afterward, I was Youth Director on the Board of Directors of ProFamilia for three years. Finally, through my role as Director I strengthened various skills, such as: leadership, projection, ethics, empathy, determination, and teamwork.